Summer Workshops 2015:

Reconstruction of English Costumes From The 18th/early 19th Century, the workshops will take place in Bishops Castle June/July/August

Eastern European Workshops on a South Shropshire Fruit Farm July/September 2015

Silk Workshop available for booking by email, see Ripped Out of Freedom & Control

Workshop 2015

Ripped Out of Freedom & Control, Presented by Amanda Botha and Eliza Glapinska, School of Art, Aberystwyth, 2015

Mix Media Silk Painting Workshop: to develop collaborative work between artists as one art project in a silk painting session. To experience team working to create an individual expression of a controlled linear and structure combined with an expression of freedom created by natural dyes and a variety of silks. The length of silk is determined by the number of people so they experience working closely together with each other as a ‘natural performence in space’. Ideal workshop for stress reduction for all age groups whether they be in college, community centre, office or hospital.

With Thanks to Shropshire Fine Silks for support and supply

Workshop 2012

Integration Work Visitors English and Polish Family & Festival, Measham, England, 2012

My passion and interest is the relationship between people of different cultures and languages. I had the honour to organise an integration ‘art & craft’ workshop  inspired by XVII century Polish traditional costume from Lowicz near Warsaw. The workshop took place in Measham near Birmingham as a cooperation between Polish and English people ‘to break down barriers of languages in the community’.

‘…Thousands and thousands of Polish people live in England…some of them have forgotten and given up their dreams and their freedom…’EG12

Workshop 2011

Meeting of the ‘Slavs and the Vikings’, Gora Peruna, Bukowina Tatrzanska, Poland, 2011

In Bukowina Tatrzanska, Poland, 2012, I collaborated with The Oak Leaf Re-enactment Group, headed by Magdalena and Witoslaw Madej, we re-constructed the ‘soft elements’ of the costumes from the tenth century. This included the recording and photographing of the first meeting at ‘Gora Peruna’ located at 1380 metres above sea level on the southern slopes of the Cyrhli Tatras. We experienced the way of life exactly as it was in the tenth and eleventh centuries.