Street Performance & Survey

Women's Rights World

Women’s Rights World

19 September 2017

Venice – Italy


Feminist Rights

My Street Performance & Survey took place in Poland, Scotland and England. I have spoken to 109 people on route; I have asked each person eight same questions about women’s rights to contraception & abortion.

MA Contemporary Craft Art Exhibition 2017/2018


MA Exhibition

7th December 2017 PV 5-8pm

MA Exhibition until 25th January 2017

MA Contemporary Craft Art


Hereford College of Arts



The Song Dedicated to All Freedom Fighters

DSC01856‘Woman Named Freedom’

Song & Lyrics by Halina Garl

Performance by Halina Garl

Art by Eliza Glapinska

Oil Painting & Photo by Eliza Glapinska

Recording Studio by Flukeproductions East London

Listen to the song: ‘Freedom’


IMG_3125‘Multicultural Mother Broken Bloodline’

The world in labour with a child of Freedom,

cut off from tradition, culture & religion;

Passing through and breaking rules of

the world. Birth given to a baby of Liberty,

where Birth Certificate has no borders any more!




The Vision Gallery 22nd August at 12 noon , Meeting with Eliza Glapinska

IMG_2216IMG_2223The Vision Gallery *** This Sat the 22nd at 12noon we are having our very first Art Installation presentation by our new Polish artist Eliza Glapinska describing her latest work titled ‘Wedding – Funeral’ – ‘Freedom of Broken Minds’.
Eliza has had other installation shows in Hereford Uni, (where she is a graduate) the V.A.N Gallery- market hall and in various Churches around Shropshire.
The gallery on the middle level by M&S near the stairwell, was initially a 6 week show, that was 2 years ago, and still going strong.
There has been so much interest, and future plans are for more varied artistic expressions from a variety of up-coming artists, continually showing the best of Shropshire Artists.

Eliza’s Installation till 10th Sept.
Gallery is open 10-4.15 Tues – Sat (Sat till 5pm)

For more info: and

Wedding & Funeral


Women of the Past Today

Wedding & Funeral, Women of The Past Today, ‘…you live, but it is not your life…people live on this earth, me and you, but who have already died in this life, their lives buried irretrievably and we do not have the strength to change anything; we are tiny molecules within an enormous machine and we perform certain movements-monotonous-deadening our souls our hearts and our minds….Sometimes it is good to be buried in your lifetime, so that you can flay away like a butterfly in your own direction-like a butterfly-beautiful-delicate-colouful add light-embracing like wholly, short-lived but living its life to the full…In which direction are you going? Where am I going? Where is my path? What do I see on my path? Who am I not seeing? How many miraculous things did you not notice, omitted, dismissed as unimportant, insignificant?…However many cultures and countries you think of-feeling of hurt, happiness, pain, love, hate-they all taste the same…’

Women of the Past Today,

Eliza Glapinska


‘Freedom & Overcoming Our Barriers’ 1, 2 and 3


Freedom & Overcoming Our Barriers ‘3’ Hereford College of Arts, 2015

Freedom & Overcoming Our Barriers 1, 2 and 3 was made over the duration of a year between 2012 and 2013. The project was developed through many stages and followed many different processes and exhibition in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

This work is the creation of a “space of freedom”, a place for reflection for everyone who wishes to visit and would like to leave their own messages. A place to express their own feelings about any subject and particular thoughts relating to our freedom and overcoming barriers in our life. My desire is to encourage people to participate in expressing art in personal and active way on my canvas, paper and clay with questions: I Am Free. Am I Free? I believe that often we do not possess real freedom because we build a prison for ourselves with attitudes that have been passed down to us, often without realisation. All messages and reflections will be used in my artwork.

…Lack of freedom has been the source of constant suffering throughout the centuries. People have died for freedom and made great sacrificies to preserve it. It is the most valued right of human existence…



Listen to the song We Were Born To Shine



Freedom & Overcoming Our Barriers ‘3’ Hereford College of Arts, 2015


Freedom & Overcoming Our Barriers ‘1’ Hereford College of Arts, 2012; 250 kilos of soft, wet clay on the floor with audience bare footmarks.












Freedom & Overcoming Our Barriers ‘3’ The Historical Courtroom, Bishops Castle, 2014, An audience’s messages on paper.


Freedom & Overcoming Our Barriers ‘1’ Hereford College of Arts, 2012, The audience walk barefoot towards the installation.



Freedom & Overcoming Our Barriers ‘2’ The Historical Courtroom, Bishops Castle, 2014





Freedom & Overcoming Our Barriers ‘1’, Hereford College of Arts, 2013





Freedom & Overcoming Our Barriers ‘2’ The Historical Courtroom, Bishops Castle, 2014, Presentation

















Freedom & Overcoming Our Barriers ‘2’ – Bishops Castle Town Hall 2014

See article in Shropshire Star

‘An Outcast’


‘Cameron’ St. Mary’s Church, Shrewsbury, 2012

Celebration Stories & Passions of Life 

For this work I presented a sculpture of a Hermaphrodite named Cameron. The sculpture, which was 1-metre high was set up on a mirror and half-covered with fabric cloak. Strings of blue lights, beads, silks, wool and thread were stitched into the cloak, which was painted with acrylics, oil bar, silk liner and silk dye. The design was inspired by the deepness and mystery of universe and the ocean. It also represented a line from my poem Feeling, Emotion of Fear in The Eyes of The Truth. In addition it was intended to include a song: An Outcast. The sculpture represented a   male and female human being, full of sorrow and waiting ‘to   be accepted’ by society which is not prepared for it.DSC02820


Unknown Ways of Mind, The Fear of Discovery

and Truth…

Courage in Discovery of the Truth!

Danger of Discovery and Risk of Living in Fear.

Celebrations Unknown Us.

Feelinf, Emotion of Fear in Eyes of the Truth.


‘Cameron’ St. Mary’s Church, Shrewsbury, 2012

The Pain of Celebration for the Time of Celebration..

Openness of Mind for Unknown Universe Deep Space and

New Light.

People and the Other.

The Courage to Take the Risk Beyond the Mind.

Truth and Celebrations.



And Others.’

By Eliza Glapinska

An Outcast by H. Garlacz & E. Glapinska

Listen to the song on YouTube

‘Freedom of Broken Minds’

Freedom of Broken Minds 2015

In my work I aim to present different aspects of freedom or rather, different forms of imprisonment. I focus on the role of women, and specially a woman’s predefined destiny within particular religions and cultures. I want to create an awareness and show that the issue of women’s enslavement and gender inequality reminds still valid and relevant in today’s society. Freedom from pain, freedom from circumstances beyond our control, freedom from religious and cultural oppression and freedom from our own limitations are all intrinsic to my art practice.



Freedom of Broken Minds , Oil paint & red lights. E.Glapinska 2014


Freedom of Broken Minds ‘Perform in Space’, School of Art, Aberystwyth, 2014 (photo credit Andrew Baldwin)


Freedom of Broken Minds ‘Perform in Space’, School of Art, Aberystwyth, 2014 (photo credit Andrew Baldwin)